Tuesday, November 30, 2010

2 cute girlies = playdate fun!

Lily and Jane....these two crack me up to no end!
On the way home from school they sang a few Christmas songs they are going to perform at the preschool Christmas pagaent next week.  They attempted to sing Joy To The World.  Jane's version of the chorus,"....And heaven and nature spring, and heaven and nature spring and heaven and nature and nature and heaven spring"!
Then i over hear them upstairs giggling and Lily says, "Jane let's play husband and wife".  Jane's reply, "Okay but no kissing on the lips".  Now if their friend Peter were here i think there might be a little smooching going on but please do not tell their fathers. 

Here are a few cute shots of them loving on Lily's stuffed animals and being just about as cute as they possibly can be!