Thursday, April 7, 2011

The reason why my girlies have fabulous hair!

Do you ever wonder?
Here she is....Kristine Stevens from Wild Child.  If you don't know her, you need to!  She is sooooo sweet, so kind, so wonderful, and just plain fabulous at what she does.  I even had an affair on my hairdresser and had her freshen up my ends and guess what, she does a marvelous job on 'big kids' as well.  Go visit her in the north will not be disappointed! 


Don't you wish you could lay down
to have your hair washed?

Braided 'headband'.

Perfect cut for my little pixie!

I think this is a good look for Grace...
don't you? :-)

Striped yellow and white walls...chandeliers..
the atmosphere is wonderful!

Do you remember having these when you
were little?

Ta-da....fresh new lovely hair!

The beautiful Miss Kristine with her little lovely
daughter Ireland.

My favorite cut...stacked inverted bob!

The girls did great for two hours so we
scooted across the street for a little reward.

Cookies and Cream

Big ole' bite of chocolate w/ vanilla cream.

Can't go wrong with vanilla on vanilla!

And for those who just like the frosting without any pup-cake.

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