Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I'm going back to Cabo i tell you!

This rain is making me crave my favorite vacation spot more than ever.
I almost called Cabo Dolphins to see if they would hire me today so i could start think i am joking?  I am seriously having a hard time reintegrating back to the real world and this weather has not helped one bit.

The girls and i danced to music but i secretly did a 'rain dance' in hopes that coach pitch/t-ball practices would be cancelled tonight.  Guess my silly little 'groove thang' worked.  I sent a text message to Bella's coach stating he would be my favorite person in the whole world if he would cancel practice tonight.  His reply, "Who is this"?  Mine, "What other high maintenance Mom would send this to you?  SuLee!"  His response, "I figured".  Yeah, i kind of melt in the rain.  Yes, i will run 26.2 miles in it but i won't just stand around in it. :-)

But instead of whining about the rain, i should thank it.  Because of it, i did not want to go out gallivanting around.  I stayed home and finished putting away the last of our vacation clothes....which of course made me a little sad.  I so desperately wanted to slip right back into them and pretend like i was going to walk out the door and be hit by a warm 70 degree breeze.  Instead, i went outside, froze my tushy off and got my camera wet to get a few shots of the fingerprint this unbelievable down pour has left.  See....really, i am not thankful for the rain at all.


Oooopsies....should have had those gutters cleaned.

Overflowing flowerbeds.

Even the screens are waterlogged....

And look at these sad little feet...should be in the sand and sun instead.


  1. I did a rain dance too...YAY for cancelled practice!

  2. it's so hard when you come home from vacation! i can't wait for summer and 80 degree weather!