Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day to Me!

Yes it was!

My girlies normally sleep in until at least 8 am or later on the weekends.  This morning they were up around 6 am.  I heard feet hit the floor, scurrying on the carpets back and forth between rooms until finally the dreaded sound of our door opening happened and i pretended to be asleep.  More scurrying around, shushing back and forth and then finally at around 6:30, Jeff got up.  HELLO.....did you not get the memo, it's Mother's Day and "i" am supposed to get to sleep in!  :-)  He's gone for about a half an hour and then back in bed to snuggle until we are interrupted by the alarm clock and little girlies again.  This time i could not fake sleep any longer, they wanted me for some reason and it could not wait.  They wanted me to come downstairs for this:


Check out Bella's dinosaur!

We had one of our favorite, i mean favorite, as in, i would claim her as my own, sitters come over last night to watch the girlies while Jeff and i went to the Rotary auction.  Not only did she bring them a strawberry frappucino to share but she secretly had gotten poster board for the girls to make personalized signs for me, from each of them.  Mollee girl, you are the best!  I pray my girls will have a thoughtful heart like yours.  You made my Mother's Day extra special just by being sweet little old YOU!  Felt very loved, even if i was tired. :-)

We then headed off to church and the girls sang at both services.  It was amazing!  Their choir director, Jamie Deering, truly has a gift and i am so glad she is sharing it with our youth.   Of course i wanted to snap a few shots because it was their last performance of the year.  My seating selection was not chosen wisely on my part and Grace figured out i was trying to photograph her.  Even though you can't see her face, i do love these.

Grace and her BFF Anna

My happy girl!

We then headed to Fircrest Golf club for a YUMMY brunch!  Most of the time buffets make money on us but not today!  The girls must have eaten 10 lbs of bacon!  It was that really thick, done just perfect, kind of bacon.  How could they resist?  Yup, they pretty much just rolled us all of there.

Lily pretending to play, the player piano while we waited to be seated.

Look how they brought our strawberries out!

Three reasons for the dignitary title i hold.
Surprise gifts made at school!

My day was pretty wonderful up until now and then the impromptu texting starts for pedicures with the besties!  We all meet up at Gorgeous Nails, get coffees next door and then the relaxation sunk in and well, we had a really great time just being silly girls.  Thank you husbands for giving us the time off for a little rejuvenation and pretty feet!

LOVE you Annie, Rachel and Jenny!

Can you guess which foot is mine? 
My new favorite color:  Chocolate Shakespeare by OPI
Today was filled with so much joy....but bittersweet too.
Ended it with a call to my Mom, who seems so far, far away in a nursing home in California.  Breaks my heart, because i believe this was the first time in my 42 years of life that i did not physically celebrate Mother's Day with my Mom.  And who knows what next year will bring.....
Loving and missing her very much.

And again, even though today was full of so much delight, it used to be a very sad day for me.  It was a day i craved to celebrate for so long but it always seemed to pass me by until May of 1999 when i was carrying our identical twin sons.  My family was so excited for me that they technically considered that to be my 'first' Mother's Day' and i was finally included in the celebrations of that special day!  Sadly, the following month, our boys came into the world too early.  Stay tuned, their birth story will come in June.

Today i reflect on how our sweet precious boys started my journey to Mommy and our sweet precious girls completed it.  Like i've said before, not my plan but it is God's perfect plan for me.

P.S.  Forgot to mention that i got a quick fly fishing lesson from my husband in the street after the girls went to bed and he gave me a hand written coupon good for "Bathing the Girls".  I always do it because he claims it hurts his back.  Do you buy that one?  Isn't he as thoughtful as they come?  I know i am a smart a$$ but i LOVE him!  He's the best!


  1. love you! happy mothers' day to you. xxoo

  2. Love your post! You are such an incredible mom and friend. So glad we got to celebrate a little piece of the day together.