Thursday, May 19, 2011

The sun brings out the best in me!

Normally a 5:30 coach pitch practice would irritate me because it is usually cold, drizzly or windy plus we try to scarf down dinner beforehand, but not today.  Today the sun was shining and when the sun shines, this Mamma is in a good mood.  I wanted to share my joyous mood with others and i couldn't think of a better place to celebrate than at practice tonight with some of my besties.  Broke out the cozies and brown paper bags and one of the Mommies said,  "Hmmmm....tastes like Jr. Prom".  :-)

Mike's peach margaritas and a little beer cold beverages for the big kids
and milk for the littles.

Bag it or go home!

Rachel and Chris enjoying a cool refresher.

Love my besties, Rachel and Jenny!

Oh, and the whole reason for the
festivities tonight.
Isn't she cute?
Don't you wish you kid was on our team? :-)


  1. you are FAST! and I think you're a good mom, because at least you got a picture of your player!

  2. Can I join the club.....good idea too for Jon's practices :)