Saturday, May 14, 2011

Take me out to the ballgame X 3!

Oh, i've done myself in again!  I signed all three girls up to play t-ball, coach pitch and girls fast pitch.   Didn't i learn anything last year when it was nearly impossible to be three places at once?  Thank goodness for my 'village', couldn't do this without all of you!

Even though it is pouring now, today was an amazing day to play ball in the Pacific Northwest.  Thank you coach Brubaker for ordering the sunshine for this high maintenance Mommy, she was very happy!
Bella had a game at 9 am, Grace at 10:30 but...had to be at practice an hour before her game at 9:30 and then Lily had her game at 12 noon and was snack person and to top it off, Jeff had Guard duty this weekend.  :-)  Yes, CRAZY but worth it!

These photos are from several days of games but today was the first of Grace's games i could actually attend.  And on a kind of funny note.  I signed Grace up for the wrong team.  I wanted her to stay with the coaches she had from last year but did not realize they were moving up with their daughters who were a year older than Grace.  Our 4th grader, Grace, looks teeny-tiny next to the 5th and 6th graders she is playing with and to top it off, softball is definitely NOT her sport but this child who sees everything through rose colored glasses does not care.  So our little pipsqueak actually walked onto first base today (good eye Grace)  and then was able to run in a point for the team and that is what she has raved about all day.  So even though i want her to be 'great' at everything, she has shown me, you don't have to be great at everything you do,  but you have to have a great time doing whatever it is you are doing.  Thank you Grace.

And please do not forget to notice my little fashion plate Lily.  Yes, she has on Cuggs, (Costco Uggs)because this Mommy was too tired to argue with her.  Jeff says i've ruined it for any other game or practice now and we will never get her to wear cleats again unless i throw the Cuggs out.  What do you think?  Can you stand her nasty Cuggs through the rest of t-ball season? :-)

Looks like they are stuck in a cage...
let me out to play!

Ready position....

Okay, that squatting makes me kind of tired.

Is Chris Barrett a brave man for picking
up this child?


Do it again!

Coaches daughter Morgan.

Go Bel-Bel!

Who is the clown behind them. :-)

What do you think?  Only a barely
blond 5 year old could sport this outfit
with such confidence.

Look at her form though!  You are going
to want to have this her on your team
in high school!


Can't you just hear it?

The next few just crack me up.
They are supposed to be playing ball and
instead they are having a full on
conversation.  About what?

Whatever it was, Anderson thought it was funny! :-)

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