Saturday, May 21, 2011

Momtographer is my name, picture taking is my game!

I learned how to "really use" my camera today.  Can you believe i've been faking it this whole time?

Headed out the door this morning and the girls said, "Mom, where are you going"?  I replied, " I am going to go learn how to take pictures".  They all started whining, "Noooooooooooo" and then almost started crying.  What do you think?  Do i take too many photos of them or what?

I had the privilege or taking a photography class at our church for beginners with Nicole Schauer and then i crashed the intermediate class that her husband Tom taught during the last hour because i thought i was all that.  NOT!  But i came away with new words in my vocabulary like, aperture, iso and metering but what was most exciting was, i took my camera out of  'automatic' mode and i am fond of the results!  Even though i am still frightened of being in "A" on my camera instead of the circle with the squiggly line it, i am going to give it a go because, well, i feeling pretty fancy right now and love what my lens captured today . 

Thank you Tom and Nicole for the gift God has given you to share with others so generously!

The photos below are taken from our field trip to Chambers Bay and my long time wonderful friend Victoria came all the way from Seattle to join me for the day.  Love her! to hang out with my besties and whole bunch of my other favorite people in the world.  I am soooooo blessed!

Love you V!

Taking pictures of the nature is fun but taking pictures of my friends is so much better!

Miss Victoria

Peace baby!

Jenny, Rachel and Annie

Coolest 12 year old i know with one of the coolest names as well, my blog designer...

Isn't she gorgeous?  I tried a little editing and playing around with colors in this one.  So fun!

As you can see, she comes from good genes.  Really, they could pass for sisters!


And the model behind the lens.

My dear Lorina







P.S.  Rachel, are my photos big enough for you? :-)


  1. The picture of Grace looking down is beautiful! And OMG - she is so talented. First she helps with your blog design and then I checked out her site...ah-mazing. Next time could you please 'shop' out my double chin? Had a great day with you and meeting your lovely friends. I think it's funny how we all took pictures of the lupine. Cute. Your pic of the paint cans is my favorite!! So glad I wasn't out of town!!

  2. that was really fun today! awesome pictures!!

  3. YES! Love the big pictures! and these are all amazing! you are a fabulous photographer! xxxoo

  4. Nice work SuLee. You "mastered" "A mode" and limited depth-of-field is no longer your adversary.

  5. love those pictures! you are a fab photographer :) love how my mom's eye is wide open haha :)

    oh ps...i'm a new follower!

  6. Great pictures! I especially love the cans one. Where were those?

  7. Argh! How did I miss this class! I'm so bummed! But, your photos look fabulous, SuLee.