Saturday, May 14, 2011

Come meet our fabulous Pediatric Dentist!

We met Dr. Karen  Yee Lo on a field trip to her office when Grace was two years old in a Mommy and Me class at First Presbyterian preschool.  I liked her instantly.  She was fun and bubbly....everything i would want in a dentist.  Not only does she give you the warm fuzzies but she paints your nails as well after you have your teeth cleaned!  I would not let Dr. Karen paint Grace's nails because that was going to be her reward when she stopped biting her nails so Dr. Karen said, next time, have her wear flip-flops and i will paint her toe nails.  Really?  She did!!!  And if you have no cavities, she gives you a gold dollar coin.  She pretty much spoils them and they love it!

Don't you love the Barbie glasses?

Lily is literally gagging on the fluoride that has been painted
on her teeth but has her fake smile going because she received
her beloved gold coin.

Isn't this amazing?
Come on....does your dentist do this? :-)

Checking to see how well Bella brushes her teeth with the
purple disclosing dye.  She got an A+!

Oh, and when you turn 7, you get to play a DS while you are
having your teeth cleaned.

Remember, always brush for at least
two minutes!

3 cavity free girls = Happy Mommy!
My plug:  Dr. Karen is located in Lakewood and practices with her husband, who is my adult dentist, Dr. John Lo.  They are a great team and have a wonderful staff as well.  Go visit them!


  1. i don't blame lily. that flouride stuff is n.a.s.t.y.
    no fair! i never get my nails painted while i get my teeth cleaned!!

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