Monday, May 23, 2011

Grace, the animal whisperer....

All of my children have a love for animals and because of this, it is the only time that i think God picked the wrong Mamma for our girls because i don't have a love for any other creatures besides human beings.  Our girls live vicariously through friends and neighbors and with my luck they will all be veterinarians or have five dogs and 3 cats each when and if they ever move out of our house.

Jeff was out in the yard the other day and found broken bird nest on the ground along with a baby bird that had fallen out as well.  He summoned the girls to come take a peek and Grace took the little bird under her own wing and played Mamma to it.  I don't think she put the bird down all day and it was absolutely amazing how calm the bird was with Grace.  So calm, that it even gave a frog that Grace had found, a piggy back ride. :-)  She made a make shift home for the bird in a box and proceeded to Google what it would need to eat to survive if it's Mamma did not return.  Oh, and i know some of your are thinking, the Mamma bird will not return because Grace had touched it's baby.  That is just a myth.  You can feed a baby robin tinned cat or dog food, preferably for robins: or small pieces of earthworm.  Of course we did not have the first two options and our girls loved digging for worms to fill the baby robin's belly.  The first day, the baby was not diggin' the worms but by the second day it must have been hungry because it took a couple of bites and the third day, i believe it gulped down NINE worms!  After the first day of caring for her new baby, during dinner, all Grace could talk about was the bird.  She claimed, "It is really hard taking care of a baby, isn't it Mom?  And you have to take care of three!  Isn't that hard"?  Daddy chimed in and said, "She actually has to take care of four babies".  Nice one Daddy. :-)

On the fourth day, the girls went out to check on the baby bird after school and it was gone.  I got a lump in my throat and i thought...uh oh, one of the neighbor cats found the baby and made a nice little meal out of it.  The girls frantically looked around the yard and to their surprise they found it in the neighbors back yard flying around.  They were sad that their 'pet' was gone but i had to remind them that this is what happens when you are a good Mamma, your baby will grow up and be able to take care of it's self because of all the care and love you gave it.

Today Grace found yet another frog.  She made a home for it and kept it prisoner for a good couple of hours before setting it free.  Isn't it pretty?

Wonder what she will find tomorrow.....

Ahhhh, that back rub felt great!

This one just cracks me up.  It should be on a card or something.  The frog looks like it has atenas growing out of it's
back but it's just a piece of grass or something.

This is NOT the same frog as above.  Aren't the colors so vibrant?

In it's pretty pink home.

Kind of cool, huh?


  1. awesome pictures! love the one of the frog :)


  2. my little sister found a robin when she was in middle school & she kept it for a long time. I remember it sitting on our golden retriever and digging in the dirt while my mom gardened. Then one day, it just flew away...