Thursday, June 30, 2011

Summer Swim Lessons

We always look forward to swim lessons.  It means school is about to end and sunny weather is in our future...or not, since we do live in Washington but that does not keep my clan from going to outdoor swim lessons daily.  We started lessons when Grace was four.  One day it was raining, i mean hard rain, the kind that you need an umbrella rain.  I called the club to make sure lessons were still on and was shocked to hear they were.  Oh, my girl was in heaven.  Doing something that doesn't seem quite right is always up her alley.  :-)  We've had many a lessons in rain, drizzle and cold and the only one who is phased by it is their high maintenance Mommy.

Tomorrow will be the last day of session one and today was a very special day for Bella because she got moved up to level three!  I love that they did not wait until the next session to move her and what i loved even more was that Mr. Olson stopped warm ups to make a big deal out of Bella's accomplishment.  As you know, if you have more than one child, someone's joy can also be someone's sorrow.  Lily...does it surprise you that i am mentioning her...was not so happy.  You see, she too wanted to move up to level three but she is not ready.  Thank goodness she did not throw a crying hissy fit with her instructors, instead i watched her obey them and work just a tad harder than normal.  This is when peer pressure is a good thing.  Go Lily!

Grace is the only swimmer in level four and has had private lessons for two weeks now.  LOVE it because they were still at a group rate.  You know me and a good bargain.  In prior posts, i've mentioned that i've 'made' Grace try lots of different activities and she's never loved any of them but guess what?  She LOVES swimming!  I am so happy that she has found her talent and passion.

Okay 4th of July, i am ready for you to come so we can have a little more sunshine at our swim lessons.

Grace put a ca bosh on the matchy-matchy swimsuits but Bella and Lily don't mind.

How did she get to be so grown up looking?

Warming up with some white water kicking!

Now for some chin-bobs!


Hmmm....this is so wrong but isn't her instructor kind of cute?  I think i might need to take lessons as well. :-)

Blast Off!

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  1. I hated swim lessons as a kid, and chin bobs were the WORST! I hated getting my face wet. (Who am I kidding, I still do!). I love the shot of white water kicking, awesome capture, SuLee!