Friday, July 29, 2011


Nothing fancy....just a post of photos i've taken during the month of July.
I can hardly believe it is almost over but i am looking forward to it.  The 7 day forecast is promising to be favorable for August, but then again, it really means nothing.  When your 10 year old asks, "How can the weather people have jobs?  They are always wrong" know then, you just have to take it day by day when you live in the Pacific Northwest.  But let me tell you though, i've surely been enjoying the last couple of sunny days.  Bring em' on!  The Allen Family is SO ready for summer to finally begin!

One of the girlies favorite pastimes.

Remnants of 4th of July lingering on the fingernails.

Setting aside the flip flops to feel the sand between the toes at Owen Beach.

Pretty blue eyed tan girly....

Pretty cocoa skinned tan girly....

Pretty double digit BFFs

Ever wonder if your child was born in the right era? 
The things this child can make on her own never cease to amaze me.

Father/child camp out at Fircrest golf club.

And Jeff surprising me with Kenny Chesney tickets for a girls night out,
 while he had his 'girls night out' camping.  Yup....he's a keeper!

Cleaning the fish they caught at the Father/Child camp out.

Pretty little girly who is not bothered by nasty old raw fish.
By the way, we made fish tacos with the fish they caught...YUM-O!

Getting friendly with the slip n' slide again....FINALLY!

A little grass to prove that the slip n' slide does not disappoint.

Perfect little profile.

There are three guarantees in life.  Death, taxes and.....
 my girlies finding a frog any time they play in the backyard.

Grace the animal whisperer, at her finest.

Show off day = Last day of swim lessons. 
Bella wowed them with the back stroke for the whole length of the pool.

Lily moved up to level 3 this summer.  She did arm strokes with side breathing
 for the whole length of the pool.  I can't even do that!

Their biggest fan showed up and surprised them!

Their favorite life guard....Josh.

Getting ready for the last blast off of the season.

The boy doing the swan dive belly flop is the best!

Surprised?  More bubbles....even at swim lessons.

Could it be...white tips on those finger nails?
We've had a little relapse recently...they're coming back!

Found a photo from 4th of July by one of my other budding photographers...Lily.
Happy July everybody!

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  1. such great photos, SuLEe! and that last shot of you is SMOKIN'!