Thursday, January 12, 2012

Nice surprise today!

Grace got her braces off!  We knew it would be soon, but had no idea today would be 'the day'.
354 days later of silver, springs and crazy colored bands and vuala......perfectly straight top teeth appeared!  We've got one happy girl who is going to have some seriously chapped lips because all she is doing is rubbing her lips over her new smooth grin.  I remember doing the same exact thing when mine came off.  :-)

When Grace got her braces on, she had over a 7 mm over bite.  7 mm does not seem like a lot but imagine being able to fit your thumb in that kind of a gap.  Yes, that's exactly what she could do.  Her over bite was so severe that she was unable to close her mouth and her top teeth were starting to spread apart because of them resting on her bottom lip all the time.

Her transformation is still amazing to me.  I am certain she is tired of me asking her to smile, over and over and over and over........
Well done Dr. Weller and gang.  Our girl looks and feels fabulous!



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