Tuesday, April 10, 2012

My Mom's Easter......

Today has been six months since our Lord opened His arms and welcomed my Mom into heaven for her very own Easter celebration.
I would love to write a profound post about my Mom, but i can't.  I just don't feel it in my heart to do so....yet.  While i miss my Mom, i am so thankful she is no longer suffering.  She fought cancer stoically for 15 long years and it may have taken her life, but in the end, the victory was all hers.  She is now in heaven with her beloved Mom and siblings who passed before her.  I know she is missing her grandchildren here on earth but what joy i have knowing that she is with her first born grandchildren and our sons, Andrew and Benjamin. 

Love you Mom!

My Mom pregnant with me.

My Mom was 25 when i was born.

In Korea.

We had just moved to Ft. Lewis, WA.

This outfit is totally back in style now!

The day i was baptized and became a member of UPPC, 19 + years ago.

I know....you are lovin' my big hair! :-)

My Mom's 53rd birthday with all of her girls.

Four generations.

I'm not sure what birthday this was, but this is probably my favorite photo of my Mom.

All of her grandchildren at Chamber's Bay.

Last photo taken with my Mom, Easter 2010.


  1. What a lovely tribute SuLee. The one you said was your favorite looks like YOUR smile! She lives on here on earth in YOU. :) I lost my dad right before Easter, and I feel the same way. He battled cancer for a long time, and is now at peace celebrating with all who went before him. I feel happy for him, but of course we miss him. LOVE the photos you put up. I'm sure you miss her tons......HAPPY EASTER.

  2. this is such a nice post. i love all the photos of your mom. and i love your favorite photo of her too...she looks so happy!

  3. I love this post, SuLee. Thank you so much for sharing the pictures. They first one of your mom & you is adorable.