Saturday, April 14, 2012

Purple Power!

Watch out friends, i've got some purple belt booty kickin' girlies who are full of themselves right now.  Okay....maybe it's just their proud Mamma who likes to brag that they are purple belt booty kickin' girlies. :-)  They tested last week and Wednesday could not get here soon enough to find out if they passed.  The belt ceremony was this morning and as i watched our little girls receive their belts, i couldn't help but think how proud my Mom must be watching all of her grandchildren from heaven doing the national sport from homeland, South Korea.  Tae Kwon Do is a Korean Martial Art.  Tae means to strike or break with foot.  Kwon means to to strike or break with fist.  Do means way, method or path.  Tae Kwon Do = The way of the hand and foot.  I love that they are learning discipline, self control, confidence and self defense, but most all....i won't lie....I love that they will hopefully be able to take some boy down if he tries to physically mess with them, until their Daddy comes along and then does the real a$$ butt whoopin'. :-)

Getting a little one on one time before testing day with Mr Burns.

Doing their 'kihap' = loud shouting while doing their strike

Isn't my niece Hannah awesome?

Get him Grace!

Jacob showing them how to do a running jump kick.

Look at all of those white and yellow belts testing!

And look at how many people advanced today!

Mr. Burns always finds time to poke a little fun at Lily.

Grace receiving her purple belt.

Bella getting ready to bow to her fellow students

Lily picking a new star to add to her uniform

My niece Hannah

My nephew Jacob

Cold Stone Creamery celebration!

Take one of 'jump' shot....

Take two....

Take three....

Take four.....

Take five....

Take six....

Take seven...

Finally.....she's done taking our pictures! :-)

How we display our belts with their certificate above.

Look at their instructor Mr. Burns.....he's pretty bad a$$ awesome himself!

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  1. I see my little Chandler in there! So proud of all the kids. :D