Sunday, September 18, 2011

Ehli Family Photos

Our dear family friends entrusted me to try and take family photos of their gorgeous clan yesterday.  We waited until late afternoon and it was, brrrrrrrrr........cold and windy, but they were all troopers, even the littles.

We had the fortune of meeting Colin and Joyce through Rotary and watched their two beautiful children Beth and Andrew grow up, get married and start lovely families of their own.  Colin and Joyce are selfless role models, wonderful friends and just a blessing to anyone they come across.  If you know them, you know what i mean, and if you don't know them, you should! :-)

I had soooooo much fun but i still have soooooo much to learn.  I had no idea it would be so hard to get 9 people to look at the camera and the same time and hopefully smile.  Even though my OCD personality feels like i did not get the 'perfect' family group shot, i am pleased with the outcome of every other photo.  My subjects again were so lovely, inside and out, and the photos truly reveal this about each and every one of them.

Ehli/Smart family, thank you for the opportunity to venture out with my new found passion.  LOVE you all!

I have to say though, i kind of like LOVE this thing called photography......

If i was a professional, i would've remembered to have Joyce take her glasses off but otherwise,
love this group shot of them.

Daddy Peter, Mommy Beth, AJ (Amelia Joy) and Eli.

Tender moments only a Daddy and his girl can share.

He is only 3 months old and YUMMY!

Young love.....12 years and going strong!

Joyce and Colin....the reason for the beautiful group!

Grandchildren are a blessing.....

This is my favorite shot of all!
Total Christmas card contender!

Sneaking a kiss to Grandpa.


Two lovely girlies!

You woke me up for this? :-)

Andrew, Sara and Benjamin.
These people have very good taste in names! :-)


Lovin' those big ole' baby blues!