Tuesday, September 6, 2011

First Day of School 2011

It seems like i've been waiting of this day for a very long time and it has come, and i found myself a little lost today after the final drop off.
Today i was certain i would shed a tear for our overgrown 5 year old baby as she headed off to all day kindergarten and instead my eyes got misty as i dropped off our big 5th grader.  She graduated to intermediate school and i felt like i was dropping her off to kindergarten all over again.  She is tiny to me and looked even smaller next to her peers.  I was convinced she would be eaten alive by them but she was not.  She walked into that new school just as confidently as she did the day she went to kindergarten.  Then she sat behind a 'big girl' desk, with new 'big girl' books and all of a sudden, she looked itty-bitty once more.  I was waiting for her to cling to me and instead she gave me the look of....are you done yet?  My que....this Mamma walked out calmly, as to not embarrass her.  

I think back to how many times i would hear strangers tell me, "Enjoy these moments, they go by so fast", and all i thought at the time was, "Really, this moment can't go fast enough and you can say this, because you are not in my survival moment".
Well....one of those "goes by fast" moments are here.......whew......not sure i am ready for this.

Lily funnies for the day......
Greeting her at the bus stop.
Me:  How was your day Lily?
Lily:  Great!  I didn't have to go to the Principal's office!
Yes....we set very low expectations in our household. :-)

Kindergartners have transition days for school.  Why?  Just throw them into the fire, they'll survive.  Lily went to school today, so she does not go tomorrow.
Lily:  I really, really want to go to school tomorrow.  Can't you just put a wig on me or something so they don't know who i am?

Don't you wish you were her teacher?  Oh My!
Happy School Year everyone!

2nd grader, 5th grader and Kindergartner!

In a blink.....
I believe Bella is almost 4, Grace is 6 and Lily is 18 months here.

Cute as they come!

One of my favorite couples pairs.

Doesn't she look like she needs her Mamma? :-)

Last fake grin before she gently pushed me out the door with her looks.

Beloved Miss Judy who ALWAYS brings my girlies home safe to me!

I think she learned something at school today because she is already following
directions ....Watch your step. :-)

My cute niece Hannah

My handsome nephew Jacob and big 4th grader.

I kid you not!
I ALWAYS have a shot like this with Lily in it, and guess what she is always saying....MOM...as in, enough!

Straight out of the camera baby!

Grace graduated to Vans this year.  Hers are the little ones in Golden Poppy and
Hannah's are just good old neon orange.

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