Saturday, September 3, 2011

Toothless Wonder

Lily has lost her 3rd tooth before she has entered kindergarten.
Monday morning.....
4:30 am: Lily comes in our room, taps me hard on my arm, startles me to death and announces her tooth is really loose.  I say, GO BACK TO BED!
5 am:  Lily comes back in, "Can you take me to the bathroom"?  Mind you, the bathroom is on the way to our room.  I take her, tuck her in and tell her, GO TO BACK TO SLEEP!
5:30 am:  Lily comes back in our room, "My tooth came out"! 
Guess who was grouchy the rest day of the day besides Lily. :-)
I know, i know, i get up at the crack of dawn for running but don't wake me up early on a day i don't have to run.  Got it?

The other day, Lily asks when her tooth is going to come in.  I told her, it was not going to ever come in because she pulled it out too soon.  She immediately burst into tears and i said, "Don't worry, Mommy will buy you a new tooth....a gold one that will match your earrings".  She started to cry even harder, threw her hands up in the air and proclaimed, "No, i want a white one and who will ever marry me with a gold tooth?  I will look so funny!!!" and proceeded to shed more tears.  Yes, i am a mean Mom and you will think i am even meaner because i laughed the whole time she was crying too.
That evening when Jeff came home, she told on me. 

The next day.  This was the best shot i could get from Miss Grouchy Pants.

Downtown Tacoma.  Remember our shot last year with the letters?  Same place, new theme.
And yes, i put these words together.  I am going to blow this photo up and hang it in each of their rooms. of my children is not being kind to me.

And even though she was ugly acting, we still had 'pup-cakes'.
Yup, she's 5 and still calls them this.

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