Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mollee's Senior Year.....

My girls are growing up way too fast.....all four of them!
How can my Mollee girl be a senior already?  It was just yesterday when she walked into my 2 year Sunday School class and gave me a big huge hug the first day she met me.  Sixteen years later, she still melts my heart the same exact way every time i see her.

The Goertz girlies came over today for me to try and snap a shot of all them together for their wonderful Daddy Jim for Father's Day and while they were all there, a surprise showed up for Mollee.  She was invited to Cotillion.  I am not familiar with what Cotillion exactly is but to the best of my knowledge, it is when a young lady is introduced to society at a formal "debut" presentation.  This will occur in December at a big fancy-smancy party and i am secretly hoping Mollee accepts the invitation so i can take a million and one photos of her. :-)

It was a gorgeous day, so we thought we'd snap just a few more senior photos too because, two senior photo sessions are not nearly enough.  :-)

Madison, Kathy and Mollee.....which one is the Mom?
Seriously....good genes or what?

Where has this beauty been hiding?

Pretty Mamma!

and they arrive......

Look how formal this is, invitation delivered in tuxes and on a silver platter!

Handsome men Randy and Ty.

Oh, i love sisters!

Such a beautiful trio!

Kathy said Madison would not take senior photos so
these are her '21 year old' shots. :-)

The big question is....will she accept the rose?
Love you my sweet amazing girl!

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