Monday, May 28, 2012

Everything is better with Daddy....

Don't you agree?

We were inspired to head down to Chamber's Bay after spending time there with the White family on Saturday morning .  The girls were dying to show Daddy all of the crabs that were hiding from them under all of the rocks.

Jeff has been gone a total of 30 days within the last 90.  At times we feel like we are reintegrating every other week or so, but this homecoming felt more like a celebration! 
We love our sweet out numbered Daddy!

Four of my favorite people in the whole world!
Doesn't this melt your heart?
No prompting from Daddy....always on her own.

Being stylish at the beach....

Poor little crabbies....they had no idea they were going to be manhandled by a bunch of girlies.

Remember my Grace...the animal and now sea life whisperer.

She looks tough but she pretty much screamed the whole time!

Look at this itty-bitty baby crab.

This picture does not do this starfish was amazing!

First sand dollar of the year!

What do you think is under there squirting water?
Here is a sight you will not witness often....sisterly love....between the two strong bookends.

And look what Mommy found!

How fitting to come across this on a Sunday....

This was even more man lounging in a drift wood chair, reading his bible.
God's creation at it's finest!
Sassy with her walking stick!

Where did our baby Grace go?

Blonde beach bombshell...

Happy Bella....
And yes....everything is better when our handsome Daddy is with us!

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