Saturday, May 12, 2012

Sunshine = Pictures!

Wasn't it amazing today?  I am still wide awake and i am certain it was because of the real vitamin D my body ingested today.  I've mentioned before i am solar proved it!  I've been non-stop since 7 am.  Morning run with some of my favorite ladies, t-ball game, coach pitch game, two senior photo sessions in the afternoon,  prepared a yummy dinner and topped the day off with strawberry shortcake!  Doesn't get much better than that.

Enjoyed Chambers Bay with these two lovely ladies, along with the rest of University Place.  Thanks for a fun afternoon Courtney and Mikayla.  You're both beautiful, inside and out!

Courtney was such a sport.  The wind pretty much blew the entire photo
shoot and she never once complained.  I love how the wind gave her
a very natural 'easy-breezy-Cover-Girl' look!

Too cool for school! :-)

Cute Mamma Karen joined in for a few. 
As you can see, Mikayla comes from good genes.

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