Monday, January 24, 2011

They're on!

Well the day has finally arrived.
I don't have to hear a million times over, "When am i getting braces"?  "How many more days until i get braces"?  "What day am i getting braces"?  "When...what...when...what"?
So, tonight they already hurt a little so guess what i will probably hear tomorrow?
"How long do i have to wear these"?  or "When do i get these things off"?
Either way, Dr. Weller and his lovely assistant Miss Stephanie made it a very enjoyable experience!


How cool is this?

Our assistant for the day, Miss Stephanie.
Is she gorgeous or what?  Plus she has the sweetest, kindest will literally give you a cavity. :-)

Too cool......

Too scary!

Grace asked if she could have these after they are done
with them.  Who does that?
My little pack-rat!

Look at all of the different colored rings you can choose
from.  Braces are so much fun now!

She alternated black and neon green.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

We love you Mr. Sun!

Doesn't the sun just make everything seem better?
Dusted off my camera and took the girlies outside to play but most importantly snap some photos of them.
It wasn't too cool, it was nice and crisp...actually it was just about perfect.
They rode their bikes, scooted on their scooters, jumped rope and we even gallivanted over to the nearby school to swing.
Now they are worn out and well, that is just about perfect..... :-)

Off we go!

Running and jumping rope at the same
time is quite a skill to have.
Lily hasn't mastered this yet. :-)

As you can see, this helmet has
probably saved Lily's life on
many occasions.

Our baby in the baby swing!

You know you have a good haircut
when your hair looks this good
upside down.

Our little monkey.

Everybody was
Kungfu fighting!
She learned this from
Wii Kids Dance.

I don't always catch them with their eyes open.

This is the face she makes every time she
puts her helmet on.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Tickling the ivories......

We've resumed piano lessons and Bella has joined in on the fun too!

Grace took 7 months off due the t-ball practice conflicts and then my Mom falling so ill that we just couldn't seem to make it work but we are baaaaack.......and so happy to be seeing Miss Amy once a week again.  She is a ray of sunshine, a sheer delight and the girls are just plain crazy about her and so am i!  She is kind, smart, funny and oh so lovely.

Amy thank you for making lessons so magical and making my girls feel like music prodigies.  You're the best and we love you!

Nice posture Bella!

Getting her rhythm down.

Yes, she loves Miss Amy!

Two pretty little ladies!

Grace has surprised me.
She pretty much picked up right where
she left off.  Wish my brain worked
like that.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Blog Fog.....

I am in one of those!
I haven't taken any pictures for days and my girls are so happy.
I thought about snapping a few shots today because of the sunshine but our day slipped right by us.  Errands, picking Lily up from preschool, lunch, more errands, picking up the big girls from school early to get Grace to her orthodontist appointment, homework and then dinner with friends at the OCB since Jeff had a late meeting with the Guard.

I think i just need to sit down and watch American Idol or go to sleep!

So...sorry...for being kind of boring.....
Maybe i'll liven up tomorrow?

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Come see what we do at MOPS steering meetings!

Well, i have had these lovely little photos for a while and wasn't feeling quite frisky bold crazy insane berserk demented enough to post them until tonight. 

I am on the MOPS (Mothers of Preshoolers) steering committee (well, maybe not after this post) with some of my besties Annie and Rachel.  We'd just finished up a meeting at my place and i don't know what on earth got into us but as you can see we have a good time! making fun of our b(o)(o)bies!  Now doesn't this make you want to join MOPS and become part of the steering?  I know there will probably be three open positions after Jenny reads this post. :-)

Oh, and your welcome, for the laugh at our expense. :-)


LOVE you my beautiful crazy friends!
P.S.  I have to include Stephanie too for taking the photos.

If you are not laughing right now, something is wrong with you and i dont' think you can be my friend anymore.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Da da da da da da da da da da da da...Everybody Dance Now!

That's what the girlies were doing tonight at their Winter Wonderland dance at school.
Do you ever remember having a dance when you were in elementary school?  How fun is that?
All i can say is, bless the PTA's heart for putting on such a fun event for everyone, including the parents!

I am still cracking about how everyone, even the boys, go crazy over Justin Beaver Bieber.  Well, maybe not all of the boys.  A grandfather said he was in the restroom and overheard three little boys complaining as a Justin Bieber song came on, "Man i don't like that guy, he is so old".  The grandfather couldn't believe his ears.  Can you imagine what those little boys thought of the grandfather if they think Justin Bieber is old?   The boys already realize their competition at such a young age. :-)

My girls also got to witness their first Thriller video tonight.  They were enamored and couldn't take their eyes off of it.  So we'll see how many times they get up with nightmares tonight and don't worry, i've marked this date on my calendar so i'll know where to send the bill when my girls start needing therapy because of it. 

It was fun watching them hug and love on their friends and shake their little groove thangs'!

Bella's name has been changed to 'Snaggle tooth'.

Bella with their mascot, Toby the Tiger.

Brought our favorite neighbor girlies
with us too!

So, so pretty!