Friday, July 29, 2011


Nothing fancy....just a post of photos i've taken during the month of July.
I can hardly believe it is almost over but i am looking forward to it.  The 7 day forecast is promising to be favorable for August, but then again, it really means nothing.  When your 10 year old asks, "How can the weather people have jobs?  They are always wrong" know then, you just have to take it day by day when you live in the Pacific Northwest.  But let me tell you though, i've surely been enjoying the last couple of sunny days.  Bring em' on!  The Allen Family is SO ready for summer to finally begin!

One of the girlies favorite pastimes.

Remnants of 4th of July lingering on the fingernails.

Setting aside the flip flops to feel the sand between the toes at Owen Beach.

Pretty blue eyed tan girly....

Pretty cocoa skinned tan girly....

Pretty double digit BFFs

Ever wonder if your child was born in the right era? 
The things this child can make on her own never cease to amaze me.

Father/child camp out at Fircrest golf club.

And Jeff surprising me with Kenny Chesney tickets for a girls night out,
 while he had his 'girls night out' camping.  Yup....he's a keeper!

Cleaning the fish they caught at the Father/Child camp out.

Pretty little girly who is not bothered by nasty old raw fish.
By the way, we made fish tacos with the fish they caught...YUM-O!

Getting friendly with the slip n' slide again....FINALLY!

A little grass to prove that the slip n' slide does not disappoint.

Perfect little profile.

There are three guarantees in life.  Death, taxes and.....
 my girlies finding a frog any time they play in the backyard.

Grace the animal whisperer, at her finest.

Show off day = Last day of swim lessons. 
Bella wowed them with the back stroke for the whole length of the pool.

Lily moved up to level 3 this summer.  She did arm strokes with side breathing
 for the whole length of the pool.  I can't even do that!

Their biggest fan showed up and surprised them!

Their favorite life guard....Josh.

Getting ready for the last blast off of the season.

The boy doing the swan dive belly flop is the best!

Surprised?  More bubbles....even at swim lessons.

Could it be...white tips on those finger nails?
We've had a little relapse recently...they're coming back!

Found a photo from 4th of July by one of my other budding photographers...Lily.
Happy July everybody!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Heaven has a new angel.


Dr. Joseph Robinette It is with great sorrow that we say goodbye to a truly wonderful man, Dr. Joseph Robinette, whose destiny was to pass away suddenly but peacefully, surrounded by his family, after a life filled with love, compassion, and joyful experiences. Joe was brought up with small-town, mid-western values in LeMars, Iowa. He met his wife, Judy, in kindergarten, and their 45 years of marriage saw them through medical school and their move to Tacoma where they raised their 3 children and watched their 5 grandchildren grow. Joe's medical career in Washington began at MAMC and continued on to private practice at Stork Associates and the GYFT Clinic. Joe touched the lives of many through his 33-year career as an OB-Gyn-Fertility specialist. We think of the countless babies that he helped bring into the world through obstetrics and fertility, and the hands that comforted and healed so many over the years. He was greatly loved and admired for his ability to truly listen and treat the whole person. He inspired trust and loyalty in his peers, friends, co-workers, and patients. Joe was also committed to caring for the under-served of our community, volunteering for the past several years at Neighborhood Clinic, a free walk-in clinic for those unable to access or afford medical care. Joe loved his work, the outdoors, traveling, golfing, writing and playing music, spending time with family and friends, and being a constant companion to Judy (and he sure could "cut-a-rug"). He was a kind, bright, humble, and courageous husband, father and grandfather - a gentle, quiet soul. We will always feel his presence in the legacy of loving and giving that he left with us. In memory of Dr. Robinette, donations may be made to Neighborhood Clinic: 1323 S. Yakima Ave., Tacoma, WA, 98405. A "celebration of his life" will be held Thursday July 7, 2011 at 6:00 pm, at Fircrest Golf Club.

Tonight i had the honor of being at his celebration of life.
Tonight i was reminded even more of what an amazing man he truly was and what a marvelous family he has.  His son spoke from the heart about his relationship with his father and then sang a version of Somewhere Over the Rainbow in honor of his Dad that was so sweet, you couldn't help but weep for his broken heart.  I too met Dr. Robinette's Mom and i felt blessed to be able to share the story of how Dr. Robinette had touched our families lives on so many different levels but mainly to confirm what she already knew, that she had raised an incredible son.
He was the man who helped us conceive our sons Andrew and Benjamin.  Sadly, he was the one who delivered them before their time and mourned with us as our dreams had been shattered.
He delivered my little sister Betty at Madigan hospital back in 1973.
I attended school with his son Jeff and daughter in-law Michelle.
He was the doctor on call last spring when my Mom started hemorrhaging due to complications from her cancer diagnosis.  I'll never forget over hearing a phone call behind the ICU curtain he made in the middle of the night to one of his colleagues, "I have a friend here and we need to help her Mom".  My heart melted.  I wish you could have seen the look on my Mom's face when she came face to face with Dr. Robinette 30 + years later.  She said, "You are still as handsome as you were the day you delivered Betty".  I am certain he blushed.  As you see i have a long history with this kind man.  I will be forever grateful to him and wish i could've told him all of this before now.

Now my funny about Dr. Robinette.  I want to share a letter written to the author of The Girlfriend's Guide to Pregnancy:

Dear Vicki: How common is it for a woman to develop a crush on her obstetrician while she is pregnant? During my pregnancies, I would find myself constantly thinking about my doctor and comparing my husband to him. I noticed how cool and nice he was and how nice he probably was to his wife and kids. At the same time, I felt myself repulsed by my husband. Why was this happening? Strange pregnancy hormones?

Dear Crush: By my third and fourth pregnancies, nothing could get me to shave my legs, blow dry my hair or change out of my overstretched and shiny leggings except my monthly visit to my obstetrician. I even put extra perfume between my ankles, since he seemed to spend much of his time down there. Somewhere near the beginning of each visit he would ask me how I was, and I would nearly weep with gratitude--he really seemed to care what my answer would be. It's natural to develop strong feelings for the one person you're convinced stands between you and the certain death that labor and delivery might otherwise bring. He's not just a man, he's Superman. Comparing your all-too-human husband to your OB is like Lois Lane taking Clark Kent for granted but smoldering for the man from Krypton. Apples and oranges. Just remember that within a few months you'll go back to seeing your doctor only once a year. You husband will be the guy getting up with the baby in the middle of the night or reassuring you that you really are losing weight, and that big red S on his rumply undershirt will come into clearer focus.

I vividly remember reading this book one night while pregnant with our twins and laughing out loud when i came to this section because i was doing all of the above and even more so. I also ensured that Dr. Robinette would have perfectly manicured toes to peek at as well during my visits. Then i admitted to my husband that i thought i secretly had a crush on Dr. Robinette. His response, "Who doesn't have a crush on Dr. Robinette"?
Ladies, if you've had Dr. Robinette as your obgyn, you know exactly what i am talking about.


Tuesday, July 5, 2011

God Bless America!

Wasn't it a gorgeous day to be celebrating our country's birthday?

We have the same tradition every year of heading down to Ruston way with all of Tacoma to take in the festivities of Freedom Fair.  It's been a ritual since Grace was a baby.  We wander the strip for artery clogging food, cheap trinkets, pony rides and last but not least, people watching!  This year we made a pre-festivity stop to the White's home.  The gracious hosts had yummy fixins' and adult beverages to fill our bellies but the tempting smells of fried and bbq'd food at the festival were too much for us to resist.  We ate beyond our hearts content and snuggled up with blankets to end the night with the magic of fireworks.

Hope you enjoyed your fourth as much as we did!

The Allen Firecrackers in their holiday attire.

4th of July craft along with Lily's black puppy.

Aren't these fun?  Thanks for the idea Amy G.!

Even found some time to decorate the fingers and piggies.

Always be true to the Red, White and Blue!

Swedish schnapps that will make your nose hair's curl!

Cool adult beverages were flowing generously.....

Lily's new BFF Dave.

I've had the fortune of reconnecting with Dave after attending high school together.

Making 'fat heads' with Matthew....and a little flirting too!

She's a NUT!

Hmmm.....look who stole the show for the day.

Robin (AKA Mac)
Taking a little break from grazing.....

Do you see a theme here?  Why don't people in my family like me to take their photos?  Notice there are none of
Grace by herself?  She was hiding from me.

Courtesy of my budding photographer Bella.