Monday, February 25, 2013

Nine is so Devine!

Are you shocked?  You should be!  I've not blogged since October!
So here i am trying to redeem myself because our middle daughter's 9th birthday is absolutely blog worthy! :-)

Bella for the most part is easy going and does not like to be the center of attention and this year she decided she only wanted to do a 'family party'.  I have to be honest, i was THRILLED!  Her birthday always falls on mid-winter break and it's hard to gather up friends around that time anyways.  Well guess what my sweet girl did?  Ten days before she was to turn nine, she decided she wants a 'friends' roller skating party.  WHAT?  Now this is a girl who does not ask or anything at all so when she has a little heart's desire hits her, we try very hard to make it happen.  And it did!  Whew!

It's hard to believe our Bell-Bell is one year away from being double digits.
She is sweet, she is kind to everyone, including her sisters :-), she is smart, she is silly, she is disciplined, she is fun and she is about the prettiest little tom-boy you will come across.
As you can see, i think she is about darn near perfect....perfectly made for our family.

We love, Love, LOVE you our Faith Isabella!

Birthday donut!

4 layer candy bar cake!

Oh my...
I am still trying to adjust to this gift from Daddy. :-)

Already looking like a pro.....

Do you think all of the parents loved me for giving their kids blue frosting?

Fall down.....

.......and you always get right back up!

GENEROUS friends!
Does this look like something a petite pretty little nine year old girl would be playing with?
They are called Skylanders and it's part of  Wii game that Bella is obsessed with. 
Between Christmas, birthday gifts and birthday money, she is now the proud owner of 22 action figures.

This totally screams all girl! :-)

Look what Jeff's Mom sent!!!!
These hot wheels are 40+ years old!!!
Can you believe she saved these from Jeff's childhood?

LOVE you our funny almost Valentine baby!