Friday, June 15, 2012

Miss Grace

Last year it was double digits.....this year she's a 'tween'.
Started a new school this year, got her braces off and has had the health talk from her wonderful teacher and had 'the talk' with Mommy as well.....and yes, Mommy survived and i think Grace has finally come out of shock.  But hey, that's the way we want it to be.  Shocking, mortifying and gross!  At least for a few more years.  Right?  Oh, it's been a big year and i know there are many more bigger years to come, but right now, i will cherish that she is still immature and very 'green' when it comes to the world.  I would love to keep her in a safe little bubble for just a little bit longer.....

We had her friend party the day before her actual birthday.  She wanted another sleepover and this Mamma couldn't handle another one of those.  We had tears at the last sleepover and i have enough tears and drama with my girls and didn't want to have to experience that again because it's not very nice to tell little girls you don't know very well to, 'get over it and buck think this is bad...wait until jr. high and high school'!  But guess what, we still had a little drama. have i not figured out that this just comes with he territory of having girls? :-)

We started off roller skating at Rollin' 253 and then headed over to Odyssey to play games and have pizza.  We ended the day with frozen yogurt at the Freeze.  Yes, everyone was exhausted....not because of all we did, but because it was so much FUN!  Grace has chosen a sweet group of girls to hang around....minus the drama. :-)

What do you get an eleven year old for her birthday?  Or should i say, what did her Daddy get her for her birthday?  The princess asked for a turtle....yes, a TURTLE and guess what the princess got?  A TURTLE!  They've become really creative with their choice of pets since their Mommy is allergic to just about everything else. :-)
Jeff found it on Craigslist.  A boy was heading off to college and didn't want to take it with him.  I should've taken a picture of the family who brought us the turtle.  No offense, but don't you picture a lanky little guy with coke bottle glasses selling a turtle?  Right?  Nope!  Big old football player boy.  Too cute and so unexpected.

Tonight she is headed to have a dinner date with Dad and some of her birthday money is burning a hole in her pocket so they are stopping at Toys R Us to waste find a treasure with her money.  After that we are all headed to Madagascar 3 and i will be going to bed tonight hearing the zebra singing, "Dat-dat-data-data-dat-dat-data-data-dat-dat-afro-circus-afro-circus-afro-polka-polka-dot-afro" over and over and over and over because for some odd reason my girls think that is funny.  :-)

Happy Birthday Grace!  You are an amazing little girl.  You have a heart of gold!  Stay true to who YOU are, because remember....everyone else is taken!
Eleven years ago, you restored my hope and fulfilled our dreams of becoming parents.  Your life...brought me back to life!
If you missed Grace's birth story, you can find it here.

9 months old
This literally was just yesterday.....
She was a chunky-monkey and don't you just want to nibble on her cheeks and arms?

I thought i was 'with it' but i am not getting this style of shirt the girl wear???

Crazy and Cute!

Odyssey fun!

Look what cousin Hannah gave her for her birthday?  Cool or what?

Her friends decorated the chalkboard at the Freeze.

Birthday Donut!

Birthday cupcakes!

Besides the turtle she got a badminton set.  This birdie really works!

Yup he's stinky....but he's kind of cute and love that he doesn't make any noise!

Summer coolness....

Christmas braces....can you see the green and red?

Love you pretty girl!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Nowak Trio

I met this sweet little family through MOPS (Mother's of Preschoolers) a couple of years ago when Krista was placed at my table.  We clicked instantly.  She was new to the area, a new Mommy and her husband was about to be deployed.  My heart ached for her as i knew what she was about to endure.  I offered to watch Imogen so she and her husband Erik could have a date once a week until he left and continued to do so while he was away since she did not have family in the area to give her a little break from parenting alone.  I don't know who was more excited for Imogen to come over, me or the girls.  She was smothered with attention, maybe even almost suffocated at times because the girls could not keep their hands off of her.  When you see the photos, you'll know why.  She is stinkin' cute!
Erik made it back safely and now his duties are taking him elsewhere.  They will be departing at the end of the month.  While i am sad they are moving, i know we will always be in touch and forever connected.  They will be leaving a little bit of their hearts in Washington......

Just beautiful.... could gobble her right up!

Love when people are in love....

Yeah, i have the best Daddy and Mommy!

Do you love this or what?

The wind could not blow away Krista's beauty!


Lovin' her Daddy good!

Pretty girlies....

See.....told you they were leaving a little bit of their hearts in Washington! :-)

Bye-bye Nowak'll always have a piece of my heart.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Mollee's Senior Prom

I am still in shock how time has just flown by and my oldest 'daughter' went to prom but what was even more shocking was how amazingly gorgeous she looked.  We were hoping to head down to Chambers to snap a few memorable shots with the water in the background, but the wind was howling something fierce and i insisted we forgo this location because i was not going to have my girl's hair a mess before her big night! :-)  And friends, i honestly don't remember being this cute or pretty at my prom or any of the dances i attended.  I could've sworn i was witnessing contestants for the Miss Universe pageant. 

I had the privilege of chaperoning prom as well.  While i was in the coat check most of the time, i was able to sneak out to try and snap a few candid shots of Mollee, but instead got the shock of my life at the dance moves these youngsters now do.  Whew!  I won't go into detail, but you know all those stories you hear....sad to say, they are true!  Pray for me friends, i have to go through this three more times and pray harder for the boys who thinks they might try to grind up against our girls.  Our Daddy is big and can get mean...real mean. :-)

Oh my sweet Mollee!  You've grown up to be everything i imagined and more.  So proud of who you are and i pray your little sisters can be just like you one day! 

Doesn't she take your breath away?  He's not too bad either... :-)

I love the next few. 
They absolutely capture their relationship.

I LOVE this one so much! 

Gorgeous Goertz Trio!

Sweet Mamma = Sweet Girl

Look who is here with his gorgeous trio...Daddy Jim!
And they're off.....

But i stalked them.....
Waiting in line to get into prom.

Oh Hello!

LOVE the shoes!

But check out these babies!  Yes, i took photos of shoes in the coat check!

What about these?
As you notice, all these heels ended up at coat check and on went the flip-flops!

Mollee and Lawson are adorable but really, the guy in the background totally
completes this photo. :-)

Ah....young love....hope you had fun!