Thursday, October 11, 2012

You're never too old for the Pumpkin Patch!

After all these years, we finally figured out that going on a weekday, even though it was cold, is the best time to hit up the pumpkin patch.  No lines for anything!

While i love...and i mean LOVE the sunshine, it was fun to get a glimpse of our fall weather yesterday.  It can get cold and crisp, but i prefer my fall days to have a lot of sunshine thrown in as well.  Like i've said before, i am solar powered!

Sling-shot pumpkins!

Waiting patiently for our turn......

You knock off the stems before you shoot them into the air.

Our Daddy is best biggest kid of all!

Can you hear that big belly gut laugh?

And the release....nope, it didn't hit the target but it sure was fun!

I love all of the funky shaped stems as much as i love the pumpkins.

Bella's pumpkin!

Seriously....what is this child fretting over?
She got over really fast! :-)
She can turn it off, just as fast as she can turn it on!

This child literally does not let me take a single photo of her, but for about 15 minutes she stayed in front of my camera.  Enjoy the many faces of Grace!

What she calls her 'bearded' pumpkin.

Really wishing we would've brought this big guy home with us now.

Our princesses in a castle!

And my handsome prince.....oh friends, he still makes my heart pitter-patter quickly.....yes, even at the pumpkin patch! :-)

And the loot we came home with!