Saturday, October 1, 2011

Catherine's senior photos...sneak peek!

Oh friends, i am having way too much shooting pictures!
Here is yet another beautiful girl in my life.  We headed off to apple orchard and prayed it would not rain on us and it didn't.  It didn't even mist until we left to head over to her Grandparents' for a few more shots.
As you can see, she is a lovely being and so much fun, so patient and so humble, because she thought she wouldn't know 'what to do'.  Helloooooooo......looks like she knew what to do, which wasn't much, but sit there and look pretty.  Well done Catherine. 
Thank you Mommy Jennifer for trusting me to take her photos.  LOVED it!

Did not add any color to her amazing eyes...they are truly that blue!

As you can see, she comes from great genes...lovely Mommy Jennifer.

LOVE all the photos but really...this one is just the cutest.

Isn't her hair amazing?

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  1. i do love this girl. and your pictures did her justice. as i scrolled through, i couldn't help but think what a catch!