Saturday, October 1, 2011

Homecoming for Mollee and Lawson

This girl knocked my socks off when she got out of the car.  Mollee was stunning!  Lawson must have been so proud to have her on his arm.  And really, were you this cute or pretty in high school?  Oh to be young again!

Pretty girl, with her big girl Cinderella pumps.

Their entourage joined them.

Lily is 5 and over half the size of Mollee who is 18.

Love the hair!

Gorgeous couple!

Mollee with her little sisters.

Hmmm....what's wrong with this picture?

and this one.......

and this one........?
Yup, that Lily, she's a clown!

Mollee with her wonderful and gorgeous parents, Jim and Kathy.

More like sisters, instead of Mom and Daughter.


Even the nails got blinged up for the night!

And this is where all of the gorgeousness came from....

My girl!  Love you Mollee!

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