Saturday, October 22, 2011

Pumpkin Patch 2011

Last year i felt like a bad parent for not making it to the pumpkin patch, so we got on our boots and headed over there last Saturday.  Froze our tushies off, drank hot chocolate, ate caramel apples and searched for the perfect pumpkins.  I let the girlies each pick their own pumpkin, and then agree on a family pumpkin...two hours later, we finally came home with four pumpkins and some other goodies.  Finding pumpkins is almost as bad as me picking out our Christmas tree. :-)

Happy Fall everyone!

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Pumpkin carving is hard work.  Sugared us all up before we started. :-)

Lily picked this pumpkin because it had 'hair'.

Bella would've done this for hours...sifting through the gunk to get to the seeds.

Our finished products.
Grace had each of the girls draw a 'diagram', yes that was the word she used, and then i carved
the faces.  Left to Right:  Lily's, Bella's, Mommy's, Grace's and the Family Pumpkin, which Grace came
up with the idea on.

Grace named my pumpkin, Pumpnochio.  How cute is that?

Love my 'witches wart' pumpkin!

This is who i was following into the pumpkin patch.  Got a good chuckle and hope you did too! :-)

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