Saturday, October 15, 2011

Lawson's senior photos + Mollee

Lawson is my "oldest daughter's" boyfriend.  While i am not crazy about Mollee having a boyfriend, i have to admit, i am crazy about Lawson.  He is kind, humble and well, easy on the eyes too.  That is not a 'cougar' speaking, but a Mama Bear.  I was showing Jeff the photos and i said, "Isn't Lawson handsome"?  Jeff, "Yes".  I then said, "Doesn't Lawson look like he has something in him"? in ethnicity wise.  Jeff's reply, "The devil".  Oh my, even Jeff is not ready for Mollee to have a boyfriend. :-) 

Mollee and Lawson, can't thank you enough for all of the fun today.  You made my heart very happy!  Love you both and don't worry Lawson, Jeff will come around. :-)

No fake grins here.  This couple is truly this happy!


  1. oh my, they are TOO cute. SuLee, will you take MY senior portraits? ; )

  2. Oh my!! Such a darling couple. Reminds me of a young Brett & Annie!! :) Wonderful job, SuLee!!

  3. are you starting a side business here, sulee? maybe i should hire you to take photos of my fam