Saturday, November 12, 2011

Photo the rain!

Well, even though it 'did' didn't damper our spirits.  I had some real troopers today, making the best of it in the liquid sunshine.

My first adorable family are high school friends, Rick and Wendy White, and their sweet children, Daisy and Mac.  Even though we lost touch after high school, i had the fortune of reconnecting with Wendy, and now we laze by the pool together in the summer time while our kids splash away. :-)

My second family is incredibly special to is Lily's birthmom, Sara and her three boys, Devon, Greg and Josh.  Are they handsome crew or what? 

Enjoy taking a sneak peek at just a few of the great shots i was able to capture.
Thank you White and Osburn families.  Love you all!

Mac and Daisy

Giving his sister a little love!

Really....he needs to stop being so cute!

Yup...Mr. Personality!

So pretty.....

Gorgeous Family!

Just lovely.....

Lovin' on his sweet Mamma....

LOVE these hats!

The Osburn Family!

Sara and her big handsome men!




Yes....they all have those amazing eyes!

Beautiful Mamma Sara....

Love this wonderful little family!


  1. All I can say is are the MOST amazing photographer SuLee!

  2. Those White kids (you know what I mean) have gorgeous eyes!! And gorgeous parents, of course!

  3. And what did you do to those boys' eyes!!! They are SO blue and twinkly! Great job!