Saturday, November 26, 2011

Two more sweet families!

Wasn't it a beautiful fall day yesterday?  You know what i like to do when the sun comes out.  Take photos of the wonderful people in my life.

One of my besties, Marisa wanted just 'one' Christmas card photo.  Fortunately her family did know which 'one' would be the 'one' she wanted, so we took get just the 'one'. :-)  Hopefully she likes one!

Afterwards i was able to have fun with the McInelly family.  Talk about sweet....this family will give you a cavity, that is how sweet they are.  I met Joe way back when we were in elementary school, because my best friend lived right behind him.  While we didn't actually play together, we were with each quite a bit because my friend's brother was one of his best buds growing up.  I had the fortune of running into Joe at our church preschool.  His oldest son Joey is the same age our Bella and they happened to be in class together.  What a small world it is.....and i am so blessed that it is. :-)

Checking the lighting and look what i get from the Peanut Gallery!

Marisa, Jonathan, Judd and Anna
It gorgeous but it was windy and cold.....brrr.....

What a nice looking bunch!
Marisa's Mom and Dad were visiting from Spokane and we snuck them in for a few as well.

I LOVE this!

She loves her Daddy!

Jonathan, your Mom will be so happy you smiled.

Gorgeous...flawless....amazing Anna.

Grace's bestie Anna

Poor Anna....look what she has to put up with! :-)

Oh look fabulous!

LOVE you so much Marisa.  Don't know how i could do life with out you!  xoxo

Joe, Erica, Kellen and Joey

Two gorgeous parents = two gorgeous babies!

Such handsome brothers!

This little guy loves his Mamma something fierce!

Couldn't leave out the next few photos.  It was right at the end of the session and i had already told
the boys we were done about 10 times before that.  I love them because this is real life right here. 
Too stinkin' cute!

Bye-bye McInelly family.....i had fun!


  1. Oh my gosh, not a single bad shot! That one of Marisa... LOVE it.

  2. cute! I think we might need a family session with you!