Saturday, December 3, 2011

Here are some of my favorite 'big kids'!

Had such a good time with my friends, long time bestie Victoria, her man Michael and their furry child Riley this morning.  I thought it was fun taking pictures of, it's way more amusing trying to get grown children to smile any day. :-)  Are they a good looking couple or what?  Can you believe, outdoor photos on the 2nd day in December?  Love it!

Tonight my friends Monica and Steve were headed out to Festival of Trees and i offered to stop by and take their 'prom picture' before they headed out.  Oh my friends, Steve looked handsome, but that Monica...was smokin'!  Sassy dress and gams to envy.  I would've been proud to have her on my arm.

My gorgeous friends, Victoria and Michael.

He LOVED this!

So handsome!

My friend is hot!

What a cute little family.

Even grown children act ugly...:-)

The two lovebird, Steve and Monica.
Told you her legs were hot!

Don't you LOVE the dress?  She makes it look great!

LOVE the shoes too!

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  1. Thanks for such a fun morning. And for all the great photos. We love you!