Monday, December 19, 2011

Come meet my friends Tammi and Amy!

Oh, it tried to rain on me today, but once again the drizzle was stopped just long enough to take more outdoor photos.  Yippeee!

Tammi is my wonderful hygienist at Dr. Lo's office.  Wait until you see these two cutie patooties and their lovely Mamma.  It's always fun to photograph little boys because you never know what you are going to end up with.  Girls for the most part are natural posers, but boys are always full of surprises.
Today, was good surprises. :-)

I felt honored to be taking photos of four beautiful generations today.  My dear friend Amy brought her grandmother, mother and daughter, plus her sweet little man to round things off for our photo fun.  My little friend Ben did not want his photo taken today at all and guess what?  I think his photos might have been the best ones in the bunch.  Sorry ladies, you look good, but this little boy stole the show.

Santa...i picked this one just for you!

Connor and Justin

He is totally goosing his brother!

Is this hair the best or what?


Precious little trio!

Beautiful Tammi

Not a rope.....

Seaweed lasso!

Hmmm....can tell which on is Mr. Personality? :-)

Little men in the making!

Asked these boys to stand behind their Mom and this is what i get
without any coaxing on my part whatsoever. :-)

I saw Mommy kissing Santa Clause!
Oh Connor, you were fun!

Are they a sweet good looking bunch or what?

Three generations....

Four generations....isn't it amazing how much they all resemble each other?

Our Ben warmed up a little....

Last time i saw Katie, she was a little she was a young lady!


My girls know exactly how you feel right now Ben. :-)

He's telling me he is only one.

Now there's the smile we like to see!

I don't know what his Mamma was doing behind me, but it worked!

Just be quiet and let me kiss you!

Doesn't this crack you up?  Our first shot and he was not going to budge one inch!

Nope...still a no go, even with the magic Santa hat!

We found a smile!

And another!

Where all of the good genes started!

I think Katie favors her great-Grandma tremendously...don't you?

Amy's pretty Mamma!

Gorgeous girlies!

Look at this adorable little man!

I think this is his favorite person in the whole world!

This picture taking is hard stuff.  All done!

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