Friday, December 9, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me!

Indeed it was a happy one!
Sadly, Jeff's school schedule took him away for my birthday, but my girlfriends made up for his absence in a huge way.  It all started last night by Annie, Jenny, Rachel and Kristin coming over for a night cap of wine and coconut cake.  Turned the fire on....doesn't sound as good as 'made' a fire, but let me tell you, it felt just as good, as we sat around and laughed ourselves silly.

Slept like a rock and when i went to wake the girlies up, you better believe i pulled the "today is my birthday card and all i want for my birthday is for you to obey me for the whole year".  I am certain 3 sets of eyes were internally rolling in those pretty little heads, but i didn't care.  It was 'my' birthday and they were going to be good....gosh darn it! :-) Oh and of course received lots of hugs, kisses and many birthday wishes from them,,,more than i deserved!

The morning brought more fun with my sweet neighbor Lisa.  She took me out to an amazing breakfast at Maltby's in Woodinville.  I know what you are all thinking....Woodinville?  But yes friends, it is SO worth the drive.  Afterwards we headed over to Molbaks Nursery.  Have you been?  It is like Watson's on steroids.  The Christmas decorations were Uh-mazing! (as Annie would say). 
Most of you have not met my neighbor Lisa, but you need to.  She is FUNNY!  I knew we would hit it off right away, because i think she teasingly told me to 'shut up' the first time i met her.  I thought, this one is a keeper. 

Ended the day with long time high school friends who have birthdays right around mine for happy hour at Stanley and Seaforts.  Cathleen's big day is tomorrow and Wendy's is the 16th.  We stayed long enough that we could've partaken in the second happy hour that started at 9, but instead the sweet server brought us a second dessert to share, on the house.  Sorry Cathleen, you should've hung out just a tad longer. :-)  I just have to publicly thank social networking right now.  Had it not been for Facebook letting us connect and keep in touch over the years, this little get together probably would've never occurred.

A special thanks to my girlfriends for making my birthday so special.  Also a huge thanks to all of those who called, texted, facebooked or just did the good old snail mail, to wish me a happy birthday.
It's been a wonderful day, because of all of you! 


Remember the remote i got for my camera at my Favorite Things party?
Used it to take this photo of Annie, Jenny, me, Rachel and Kristin.
Pretty cool...huh?

Someone joked for me to lay acrossed them.  I don't think they thought i would do it. :-)

Yes, this is real and it is not a joke.  My sweet husband already got me a birthday gift, my new camera, but
came home with this enormous box of chocolates.  Come over and eat it with me...PLEASE!

My great neighbor and friend, Lisa.

I ate this entire plate and would've licked the plate too....that's how delicious it was.

Not bad for 43!
Looking good Wendy and Cathleen....lookin' good!

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  1. Uh...that box of chocolates is bigger than half of your body! Too bad I live 30+ miles away - I would have come over with wine and eaten the whole thing with you. xoxo, c