Thursday, December 22, 2011

It's a Christmas miracle!!!

This post is actually photos of my family!
Okay, true confessions here.  The kids are driving me nuts and we are only on day 4 of winter break!
But today, they redeemed themselves a little by letting me snap a few photos of them.  It was cold, i mean COLD and they whined and i yelled at asked them to just sit still and smile.  I know, i have the rest of you fooled that i am calm, cool and collected....but seriously, be glad you are not related to me when it comes time for me to take photos. :-)  Annie, could you hearing me yell at my youngins' from your house? 
All joking aside...or kids, niece and nephew are pretty darn stinkin' cute!

Peek-a-boo...i see you!

Poor, poor Jacob...he looks like he is really suffering, doesnt' he?

Someone actually stopped me today to tell me all 5 of my children were adorably dressed for the holidays.
Yes, they are!

Are you dying? 
I am....she is just too pretty for words, even with her little brace face.

Yes, still dying....

And dying because this one has already put two nails in my coffin. :-)

Oh my...look at my niece...only 11!  She is lovely!

And the only man of the house during day and surviving quite well!

Not quite.  Actually different shirts and jeans but all the same color.
Snuck that one in. :-)

Love this little chocolate eyed beauty!

Bella's smirk says:  Yes, this is what i have to put up with all the time!

5...going on 25.  You know i am in for it!  LOVE her so much!

Oh do my kids know how to cut up!
Should've been all of their middle names.

We are jumping for joy to wish you a Merry CHRISTmas!

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  1. Great pictures SuLee, and no I didn't hear you...I was at work!! :)