Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Miss my family much?

I know, i know, you are all wondering why i don't take photos of my children anymore, or if i still even have children.  I do, they just run from me the moment i bring the camera out.  Really, do i take that many photos?  As you can see by my blog posts, i now take photos of other families to get my 'fix'.

Here's a quick little run down of the latest and greatest.....

First off, i signed all of the kids up for Tae Kwon Do, including my niece and nephew, about a month ago.  They go twice or sometimes three days a week to Master Shon's Tae Kwon Do in Lakewood.  They have a great special right now.   A family of 4 can sign up for 3 months for $199.  I was able to add on a 5th family member for $50 more.  If we continue past the 3 month mark, we will still receive the special rate for one full year.  Just my little plug, because all the kids LOVE it!  So much so, that last Wednesday, they all tested for their yellow belt.  We just received word that they all passed.  Yipee!
After their very first class, i asked Lily what her favorite part was.  Her reply, "Being able to yell inside".  Does that surprise you?
Also boys, watch out, not only will their Daddy come after you with a shot gun if you knock at our door, but these girlies will take you down if you mess with them. :-)

This picture cracks me up.  Lily doesn't even know this girl and look at
her all cozied up like she's her best bud. :-)

Thursday night i went out with my besties, Rachel, Jenny and Annie for a favorite things party at the Fircrest golf club.  You know, like Oprah's Favorite Things party.  What is a favorite things party?  It's where you bring one of your favorite things for each guest and they do the same.  I started off with 3 of the same thing and came home with three amazing new things!  I received a new camera strap, remote for my camera and a fancy-smancy lens cleaner wand.  I also got a cozy Ralph Lauren blanket that Bella has stolen from and has been snuggling up almost every day after school to read.  Finally, i acquired flip flops made out of yoga mats and ladies, they'll be no more Old Navy flip flops for this girl...might even have to give up my Havaianas.  Yes, they are like walking on butter.

We drank, we opened presents, we ate, drank a little more and then indulged in one of our most favorite things....dessert!  But most of all, we had FUN! 

LOVE these women, they are some of my most 'favorite things' for sure!
Friday night we froze our tushies off as all of the girlies sang at the tree lighting in University Place.  The girls had always been invited once they started attending Sunset Primary to sing at the festival, but we'd not gone until it became mandatory for Grace to have to be there for choir this year.  I was amazed at all of the songs the kids had memorized.  Hats off to all of my girlies amazing choir directors.  You rock!

Pretty little Santa's helper.

What happened to my little 7 year old girl?  She's all grown up!

You better believe this girl can belt it like no other!
Today was a half day and after the kids finished their homework, we did gingerbread houses.  Normally i buy the ones at Costco, but this year i was intrigued to try Trader Joe's.  As much as i LOVE TJ's, i am not sold on their gingerbread houses.  First off, you have to make your own goop to get those puppies to stick together.  I don't like make that stuff and then having to try and get it into a piping bag.  Second, there was hardly any candy to decorate the house with.  Thank goodness we still had a ton of Halloween candy left over.  Thirdly.....well, it really doesn't matter.  I think we might go back to good old Costco.  Even though i am whining a little...the kids had a GREAT time and Bella said while decorating her little house, "I love Christmastime"!

Naked houses.  Want to know my secret?  I used straight pins to hold them in place, instead of the icing.

Okay, cute perk of the TJ's gingerbread house, these cute little people.

No rhyme or reason, just get as much candy on there as possible!

Grace's house....

Lily's house....10 year old vs. 5 year old....huge difference. :-)

Lovely finished product!

The people really are cute!

Last year's houses from Costco.

Look at this photo i found from 2008.  This is when Mommy was still helping...the good old days.
I think i need to buy my own kit next year. :-)

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  1. I didn't realize your girls were doing Tae Kwon Do. Rory and the kids did it for several years...Tanner quit a couple years ago, Taylor quit last year, but Rory is going strong. Such an awesome skill to have.