Friday, December 23, 2011

Santa is still magical.....

Oh friends, today was worth every bit of the 'lap rental fee' i paid to have the girls see Santa.  We speculated whether Grace still believed and she might have gone in not fully devoted, but surely left pondering....Hmmm....i think he might have been the real deal! 
The girls ask all the time if Santa is real and our response is, "If you believe, then he is real".  Then of course as they've gotten older, they realize there sure are a lot of different Santas around in various places this time of year.  Our answer is, "God is the only one who can be everywhere at once.  Santa sends his helpers around Christmastime to help him out and sometimes he does show up, but you'll never know when that is".  Fortunately, we've been to the same Santa at the mall for years now and Grace said a couple of visits ago, "I am sure he was the real Santa".  We asked why.  Her reply, "Because his belt has his name on it".  Duh....of course! :-)

Here's to still at least!
Merry CHRISTmas friends!

See that belt...that's the proof that this guy is real!

The beard cracks me up!
This Santa is smack-dab-on every single moment too!

Is this the best or what?
He's just asked Lily about her teeth and she just told him she pulled both of them out herself.

He's asking if she wants her two front teeth for Christmas. :-)

When the man summoned us for our photo retrieval, he called us, "Team Silver".  Love it!

What do you want for Christmas Lily?

Her reply, "I don't know....surprise me".  No joke friends!  She is too much!

He was surprised when this little peanut said she wanted a remote control car.

Didn't forget any of them.  Grace asked for a Hex-bug.

See that finger wagging....hopefully he was telling them to obey their Mamma. :-)

Santa asked for this group hug.
We LOVE you Santa!


  1. That really is the best santa. I'm bummed we didn't go see him this year. Well, yesterday we SAW him, but we didn't wait in the long line to really see him.

  2. So good running into you today at the mall. I love the pictures! Love you my friend!