Sunday, December 11, 2011

Come meet Lia's gorgeous girlies!

Had the best time taking photos of some pretty, pretty girlies today and their very nice looking parents.  Friends, it was COLD, but guess did not rain!  Whoo-hoo!  God stopped the sprinkles for a little over an hour and let me take in His amazing creation with this beautiful family.

Thanks Lia and gang for being such good cooperative sports and a special shout out to Max, who kept everyone in line. :-)

P.S.  Lia, i am not joking.  Lock them all up now or else Mr. Doug better have his Louisville sluggers lined up like our Daddy does.  :-)

What a nice looking crew and so up my alley with the matchy-matchy! :-)

Is this Daddy in for it or what?

Jamie, Max, Emma and Lillie at their finest. :-)

Lovin' up on Daddy is.......

Almost as good as lovin' up on Mommy! :-)

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Ooohhhh....easy on the eyes!

Pretty in pink!

Isn't she lovely? could get lost in those eyes!

Doesn't she look like a mini Audrey Hepburn?

Oh melt my heart.

This family knows how to cut it up!

Merry Christmas cute little family!

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