Tuesday, December 27, 2011

From 23 to 13 + one new furry family member!

Yes, i was fortunate enough to do two photo shoots yesterday.
Started out with 23 and ended with a mere 13, plus one cute furry surprise that Santa brought to the Meade family.  Can you imagine the screams of joy coming from that house when the presents were opened?  It was caught on video and almost makes me want to get the girls a dog....okay, for like one second and then i get over it. :-) 
Lorina's Mom and Dad, sister Krista and family, along with her sister in-law Angela's bunch all came to visit for the holidays and i had the wonderful pleasure of taking family photos today at Chamber's Bay for them. 

Even though these were not my own relatives, it made me realize the gatherings of families over the holidays or anytime.....is one of the best gifts of all.

Family Fun!

The grandchildren plus the new furry one, Zoe

Doug and Sharon with their crew!

Krista, Avlynne, KJ and Addie

Angela with her pretty girlies.

Sophia and Allie Rae

Some of my favorite people in the whole world!

Samuel and his bro, Ben.

They added another lady to the house to help round things out. :-)

JB and Lorina

Pretty little Mamma with her men!

What a handsome bunch!

Lorina with all of the girlies.

Thanks Doug and Sharon for making such wonderful children!


  1. I can't believe how much Lorina and her sister and their mom look alike. Love gene pools.
    Great shots. When can the Kiehls book a "sitting"? xoxo

  2. These are great. I love that family too!! Can you believe Lorina is now a "dog person"??!! I can't. And it kinda seems like you are becoming a pet photographer. ;-)