Saturday, March 31, 2012

More of Bella.....

Can you believe i forgot to post about her Tae Kwon Do birthday party?
I've been in a little bit of a blog-fog.  This weather has me uninspired to take photos, which is such a huge part of my blog.  Might have to make the girls go outside in the rain just to cure my 'itch'. :-)

Our little Tae Kwon Do cutie is going to be testing for her purple belt this week.  Don't mess with her boys, not only will her Daddy come after you, but she will take you down.  :-)

Also wanted to share a great accomplishment of Bella's.  She is an avid reader and it has paid off.  She was honored in front of the entire school for receiving 200 Accelerated Reader points and by completing four Sasquatch books.  Two awards in one day!  Yes....i was just a little proud....okay, WAY proud! 

Warming up with nunchucks.  Yes, it frightened me! :-)

Especially this one!

Getting ready to spar!

Is she awesome or what?

Don't want to mess with this one!

This one is pretty harmless.

Crazy and cute BFF's

This is what she had been patiently waiting cut her cake with a real sword!

And her very own nunchucks from her instructors.

Thank you Mr. Burns and his son J.D. for making Tae Kwon Do so much fun!
I love this photo.  So unlike Bella to get this excited but this was her expression
when she heard she was getting two awards because she thought she was only
receiving her Sasquatch certificate. 

Beloved Mrs. Snyder, their wonderful librarian.

Way to go Bella!

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