Sunday, March 11, 2012

Witnessed a miracle from God yesterday!

I ran my first race of 2012, the Lake Sammamish Half Marathon yesterday.  I have to give credit to my bestie Jenny for finding this wonderful course for us.  Jenny decided after running her first 5K in December she was going to do a half marathon.  Go big or go home! :-)  She Googled, flat half marathon in Washington and this is the race she came up with.  Friends, if you have the desire to try a half marathon, this would be a fabulous first race to do.  Completely flat, very small, only 1200 racers and most of it is along a trail on Lake Sammamish, which is lovely.  Jenny is not the miracle i am referring to, but i am so incredibly proud of her for pushing herself to do something she never ever thought she would do.  She ran the entire race and came in, not looking fatigued, with a huge smile on her face.  LOVE it!  Way to go friend!

Onto the miracle.....
I finished the race and my sweet race partner in crime, Amy, was waiting near the finish line because she smoked this half  (1:40 ish)....yah, i am slowing her down (1:47 ish)....cheering me on as always.  We head back to the car to get jackets to put on so we can stay warm while we are waiting for our buddies to finish.  I was parked very close to the finish line, about, .05 miles.  All of a sudden out of the corner of my eye, i see someone falling and within a matter of seconds he is flat on his in face down on the pavement.  WHAT?  He is not moving at all.  People go to his aid immediately.  The man then starts convulsing and Amy calls 911, along with several others.  All of a sudden the bystanders who've come to his aid are turning him over and he is foaming at the mouth.  I start to cry and pray.  He is not pulse.  They were all cool as cucumbers and start doing chest compressions.  It seemed like an eternity.......he moans.  Praise God!  Oh my, it was like a newborn babies cry to your ears when it comes out of the womb.  More tears...more prayers.  Then he opened his eyes.  More tears...prayers.  Paramedics arrived 7 minutes later.....7 minutes too late.  Those bystanders....those racers.....those amazing angels.....saved that man's life!  Granted it was not his time to go, but he was gone for a few brief minutes and because of their persistence and quick thinking, Nicolaus is alive today.  If you are on Facebook, 'Like' Evergreen Trail Runs.  You can read about what happened through all of the posts and see that the survivor himself posts a thank you to everyone.  Oh my, it still makes me cry just thinking about it. 

Insert infomercial:
This was a good reminder that i need to wear my Road ID all the time, even during races.  It has your contact information on there for emergencies.  Everyone was wondering who this runner was there with.  Fortunately when he woke up, he could tell the people the security code to his phone.  They were able to call the friend who was at the race with him.  But what if he did not have the phone?  I don't carry my phone when i run. What if.....???
So please, buy a Road ID for $20.  It comes in cool cute colors and will be one of the best investments you've ever made.

It was an amazing day.  I was with amazing women in my life.  I was able to witness an amazing miracle.  Something i will never forget.......

Jenny and I before the race.

Me, Amy. Jodi (Amy's sister). McKenna and Jenny
4 Mommies and 11 Mommies!

First race since we officially became Maniacs.
Aren't we the cutest dorks you've ever seen? :-)
Love you Amy!


  1. Love you SuLee! Thanks for being a great friend, inspiration, and coach to get me to the finish line! I loved that you ran me in. It meant a lot to me. It was a great day! I might even do another one. I am so amazed that that racer is in such good condition. The people who jumped in to help, certainly saved him. It's a good reminder to me that CPR saves people's lives, and I should get up to date on my certification.

  2. Sulee, that is an amazing story! I wish I could have witnessed the miracle, but I was way, way behind you. We mostly walked it....bless my friend, Gayle's heart. She is a runner and was so humble and sweet to go my pathetic pace. I was happy to finish, but am now very inspired to continue my quest to get in shape--inspired by all of you who so effortlessly ran that race. I don't know if I will ever be a marathon runner, but thank you for your inspiration!

  3. Congrats and what an amazing story!!!