Saturday, March 31, 2012

Olson Trio

Yesterday i had the awesome privilege of witnessing an adoption being finalized.  Prayers were answered for a sweet little boy i used to babysit and his amazing wife when God brought them their Benjamin three months ago.  It's hard to believe that little boy is now a grown man with a family of his very own.

This family is incredibly special to me because Greg's Dad and Mom, Jim and Jean, picked me up faithfully every Sunday for Sunday school way back when i was just a little girl in kindergarten, up until my high school years.  They truly planted the seed for my foundation i have now, and i will be forever grateful they never gave up on me.  Yes, i strayed from the church for several years inbetween meeting my husband, but i came back....and so thankful my God never gave up on me either. 

Benjamin, you are beyond blessed and so are your Mommy and Daddy, that He chose them to parent you here on earth.  Can't wait to watch you grow up to be a man of God, just like your Daddy.

With pleasure, i introduce Benjamin Olson, the newest addition to this marvelous Olson clan. 
Love to you all!

My newest favorite trio!
Abby, Benjamin and Greg Olson

Love this!

Benjamin says it's official!

I think we have a Supreme Court Justice in the making....don't you?

Sweet love birds.

Happy to be an Olson!

I love my Mommy!

Blue eyed cutie....

It's hard work being cute.

Paperwork done and complete!

A sweet Mamma with her big boy!

This woman changed my life forever....LOVE you Jean!

Jim and Jean
Little shout out for Jim.  He did not start running until he was 40.  He just celebrated his 60th birthday
and has done several marathons.  He is currently training for the Eugene marathon where he hopes to
come in under 3:29.  Yes, 3:29!  That was his last marathon time and that was with two potty breaks!


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  2. What an honor to be a part of this extraordinary day!!! Baby Benjamin is so blessed to be an OLSON!!! You know how I love Jim & Jean...

    SuLee...we could start a fan club for and I would have to fight for president position...

    Love you and thank you for sharing this incredible story!!!

    That comment that was deleted above was from me but I was logged into my work blog and hadn't realized it. :)