Saturday, March 17, 2012

Tacoma St. Paddy's Day Run

Paid $25 to run a 10K this morning and get soaking wet, but guess was all worth it because i got to spend time with some of my besties...again!  Yes, two races in two weeks!  What's gotten into you Jenny Stewart?  Love it!  Wish i would've had a video camera on my head today.  What is it about a holiday run that makes people dress up like crazy dorks?  Hey...wait a minute...i was one of those crazy dorks!  Too bad you can't see my $5 knee high argyle 'compression' socks that i could barely fit over my calves. :-)  Friends, if you've worn compression, you know what i am talking about here. 

And wouldn't you know it.....i am writing this blog and the sun is shining.  Maybe we'll see a rainbow?  How fitting would that be?
Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Andrea, Annie, Janelle, Anne, Jenny and Me
heading out!

Our pot of gold at the end of the rainbow....thank you Starbucks!

Thank you Aaron Stewart!!!!
Jeff has been out of town all week and Aaron graciously watched my children, along with of 7 children (Ben
was still sleeping) for 4 hours, 7 am - 11 am and then made me the yummiest crepes upon our return.  He's the man!

No fun green eggs this morning.  We had to get up way too early for my race, but i had a ton of left over
gummie Lifesavers from the Dr. Seuss cookies i made a couple weeks back and treated
Bella and Lily's class to Leprechaun Cookies yesterday.

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