Tuesday, February 28, 2012

My little infomercial......

So, we've lived in our house 9+ years and we are the first owners of our home.
Our toilets always had this faint ring around the top of where the water sits.  It has always bugged the crap out of me....literally. :-)  Tried lots of different things and ring would slightly diminish but would never fully disappear, until now!  I was in Fred Meyer....Oh my, have you been to Fred Meyer in U.P. lately?  It is a huge disaster because they are going through a remodel.  Anyways, found this nifty little cleaning block along with a new cleanser.  Guess what friends, this cleaning block is magic!  No more rings in any of my toilets.  I should've done a before and after shot.  I am going to do my shower next doors next.  All for a little under $6 too!

I have to admit, i am not a 'green' cleaner but would really like to be.
I've also found another new like for cleaning and it is Norwex.  Their kitchen towels are astounding and i recently borrowed my friend's window cloth to clean the inside of my windows....all with only WATER!  My windows look fabulous on the inside. 
Come on friends, who have this product....help endorse what i am saying! :-)  I am hosting a party on March 8th at 7 pm.  Stop by and be amazed!

P.S.  Lily funny:  She was with my while i was cleaning and she asked if the cleanser was made out of chickens. :-) 

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