Sunday, February 19, 2012

8 is Great! too?  We too can hardly believe our Bel-Bel is 8!

She started celebrating her birthday a little prematurely by having a date with her Daddy early in the week to go get a new bike.  Wait until you see what our cute pretty petite little princess came home with.  Thank goodness her Daddy took her because this priss of a Mom would've tried to sway her wishes. :-)   Our little middle has turned into quite the tom-boy.  No girly :-(  Helloooooo......has she forgotten who God has chosen as her Mommy?  Our soft spoken beauty can trade Poke-Mon cards like no other and is always up for a Bay Blade whipping challenge.  Please tell me this is just a phase. :-)  Stay tuned for her Tae Kwon Do friend party!

We let the girls choose, within reason, what they would like to do on their 'actual' birthday day.  Our little cutie chose the finer things in life yesterday.  We dined at the Old Country Buffet and then headed over to Chuck E Cheese.  Please do not judge, she is only 8....nor her's her birthday for cryin' out loud and have you seen that face?  You cannot tell it NO.

Bella, i am so beyond blessed to have you in my life.  You are kind, sweet and so thoughtful of others.  You are a little OCD and i think i might almost love that character trait of yours the most, because i get it and i think it's 100% okay. :-)  You are a joy and have a heart of gold.  Love you sweet girl!

If for some reason you missed Bella's birth story last year, you can read about it here.

Birthday breakfast of champions....big ole' sugared up donut!

Look at her rockin' the black and orange 'boy' bike, not to mention
the new helmet with flames on it!
Seriously i think her dowry just went up ten fold.  Start saving up Daddies,
your boy is going to want to marry this girl!

Chicken thigh, white roll with fake butter and multi colored slurpee....Life is Good!

"Da Man" showed up for her big day!
Birthday sleepover in Grace's bed.  This is how i found them this morning.
Here are a few extra photos for good measure because she is just so darned cute!

She was in her first performance at school on Thursday called,
How Does Your Garden Grow?
 She had a teeny little speaking part as one of the chrysanthemums.

Best Bud Luke....i mean farmer Herb, the 'h' is silent you know.

Those big chocolate eyes get me every time!

That smile does too!

She's pretty kissable too! :-)

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