Thursday, February 23, 2012

And a baby would make three......

I am always excited to have the opportunity to take photos of my friends, but today was extra special for me.  Today i was given the honor of taking pre-adoption photos for my friends Tim and Taeler, who are currently trying to grow their family through the miracle of adoption.

As you will witness in their photos, they are a lovely couple who have so much to offer a child.
I am praying expectantly for their heart's desire to be answered soon!

Love you Tim and Taeler!

This says it all!

Little shoes waiting to be filled....

They really don't like each other much. :-)

Their furry child, Whisper.

Born in my heart.....

We're waiting impatiently patiently for you little one....

And my friend said she was not photogenic! Ha!!!
Taeler you are beautiful!


  1. So beautiful SuLee! You absolutely captured their love and desire!

  2. Absolutely amazing pictures, SuLee! A beautiful couple, on the inside and out!

  3. Aww! These are wonderful! What a creative photoshoot! I saw them at a YFC event! Are they going through YFC?