Sunday, February 12, 2012

Welcome Home Raptor Battalion!

Ahhhh......there are so many happy people in Washington today!

Nothing better than military family reunions!  Little boys dressed in their wanna-be uniforms, little girlies holding signs and balloons, while their Mommies are looking extra pretty as they wait to embrace their man.....make your heart very happy. 

I woke up this morning and even though i had my husband to with me to cuddle, i was taken back to a place i was at almost 4 years ago when our Daddy came home from Kuwait.  My mind wandered to all of the families that were going to be reunited in the afternoon and I started feeling excited.  I then got anxious and my stomach was in knots.  You see, even though you can't wait for your significant other to return, you are also intimidated of the reintegration process.  Both sides have gone through counseling on how reintegration might be, but nobody will truly know the outcome until it happens.  Please be praying for these families.  Pray they have an amazing amount of highs before any lows possibly hit.

We arrived one hour before the ceremony was to start and it was standing room only.  Yeah!  Instead of being able to snap many amazing reunions, we were behind the bleachers, making more signs, playing with dominoes and even started a game of Monopoly while Lily put on a dance show for the soldiers who were there to greet their fellow comrades.  Right where we should've been because our Daddy had been home safe with us all year long.

Our very own real life hero!

Does this picture surprise you?  I have no idea who this is, but i am certain Lily made his day!

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