Saturday, February 11, 2012

Daddy Daughter Dance 2012

A couple of days ago i was walking out of Fred Meyer and spotted a young Dad with three children that i am certain were under the age of three.  He was alone, trying to keep the mobile ones seated in the cart while he tried to load the groceries in the car.  He spoke so kindly to those little ones and all i thought was, boy, that man deserves Daddy of the Year award right there.

Today, my husband reminded me, he is well deserving of this award too.
He has been working very hard in the recent days to prepare for his unit to return from their year long deployment in Kuwait a few days early.  We are going to have some very happy families this Valentines Day.  Plus he is doing a graduate program that is kicking his you know what, but today after having Guard duty all day, he came home and put on his tux and took three of his most prized possessions out on a date.  Not just any date, but one that includes dancing!  Didn't bat an eye, didn't whine or complain when i attempted to get that perfect shot of them all looking forward at the camera and even tried to help referee when Lily did not want to put her tights on for her special night out with him. 

Jeff, our girls are so blessed to have such an amazing Daddy in their lives.  You've set the bar high for any man who thinks they might be worthy of their affections and i LOVE that.  Thank you for always making our girls feel so special and loved by you.  You're the best!  xoxo

P.S.  My husband really is the best.  Just opened an email from him that says i need to get a sitter for Tuesday night and to be ready to go by 5:45.  No other details.  He is good to ALL of his girlies. :-)

Our most handsome Daddy and girlies.

Love them so much!

This is what i get when i ask them for a little sass....there is only one sassy
one in the house.  Can you guess who that is? :-)

Homemade corsages because i am just too cheap to pay $20 X 3, not to mention Jeff's as well.

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  1. You all look wonderful! And I'm so impressed with Mom's corsages! Well done!