Thursday, January 19, 2012

Icepocalypse...Icemaggeden....round four!

Our beautiful camillia bush is down for the count in the front of our house, the lights are flickering here and there and the girls cannot go outside and play.  I am DONE with this crazy weather!

And yes, i went outside and crunched around to see if i could possibly capture how the ice has captivated our lives for the moment.

Icicles can even make a dirty old garbage can look pretty....

Look who showed up in the snow and ice!


  1. Beautiful! You're braver than me, though. I stayed in and took my pics from the warmth of home.

  2. The morning it snowed I was at Mom and Dad's home. One of my morning thoughts...."Mom and Dad - can you guess who is probably having fun playing with her camera right now?" We were thinking of you!