Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Snow......round two!

Yesterday, i am pretty sure Jeff and the girls sledded in forbidden territory.  Thought we could head over to Chambers Bay and find a good hill to sled on but the accumulation of snow was not adequate, so we went on an adventure.  Jeff took us to Steilacoom and we pulled into what he believes to be the water waste management facility.  No Joke!  Do you know what i am talking about?  He saw a big hill, the gate was open and off we went.  I was a little uneasy but obviously not too nervous to snap a few shots. :-)

Sounds like we have some 'real' snow coming our way!
Happy school day off!

It was a sad day in our home yesterday.
Know that cool old fashioned sled you see in our photos?  I purchased that at a garage sale for $5 when we were first married 18 + years ago.  Someone left it right behind the van and i backed over it and squished it like a bug!  Those things brand new cost a pretty penny!  So if you see one for a screamin' deal or have one you would like to donate, our family would be very happy.

My husband still makes my heart skip a beat....he's so handsome
as he scopes out Chambers Bay.

The hill our Daddy found for the girlies.

Trekking up the hill but where is Grace going?

So it starts.....

Jeff took the first run!

She was FLYING!!!! 
Little bits of bumps and lots of speed, didn't scare this peanut off
from doing it over and over and over....

.....and here is Grace....

Not as graceful as Bella but this would be my way
 of going down huge hill....with your eyes covered!

Can't you just hear that big old belly laugh after her hat fell off?

....still at it and at least her finger gestures are with her thumbs. :-)

I don't think those front teeth are ever going to come in on that pretty face!

Lily going up and Bella coming down at the same time with no control equals.....

Yup....Lily totally clipped Bella with her board and down she went.
She's got a big old goose egg on her knee to prove it.
I did not laugh at the time but this picture totally cracks me up!

Just like her Mamma.....her pride was hurt more than her knee. :-)

A little snow helped her bounce back!

My biggest kid of all!

She would've done this all day long!

The finished product!

Back at home in the backyard.  What's she up to?

Watch out for the quiet ones...they are always up to no good.
Too bad Grace caught her before she could give her a good splat!

Oh man!!!!

I LOVE this and the little face it's on!


  1. LOVE the pictures! The last one is stunning...that drop of water or snow on her eyelash...OH WOW!